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Guide On How To Buy CrossFit Shoes

CrossFit Shoes

Are you starting off with CrossFit and still using your running shoes. It is quite understandable that you want to use running shoes for CrossFit training till you are sure you want to carry on CrossFit training. But, if you are performing various athletic activities, weight lifting, gymming, etc. then CrossFit shoes are the recommended shoes for crossFit training. This shoe meets the needs of the exerciser who mixes up the workout.
Moreover, as per surveys conducted by www.livestrong.com, many injuries in CrossFit trainers are due to wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Investing in a pair of CrossFit shoes is well worth considering it is great for the health of legs and feet.

CrossFit Shoe Types: Crossfit shoes must be good when worn for different activities. It should provide
Cushioning for Running
Stability for weightlifting
Breathability: It is important that your CrossFit shoes are breathable, that means it should not get too sweaty and uncomfortable.
Great functionality: It should be flat with a very small drop from heel to the toe.
Lightweight: It should be lightweight as you do not want unwanted weight on your feet, especially when jumping.

Even with shoe manufacturers trying to create a balanced shoe which is ideal for all workouts, still, there are three main types of CrossFit shoes: Lifting shoes, running shoes, and minimalist shoes. Your preference on the type of shoes should be based on what kind of workout you often perform. Crossfit shoes must be able to balance the needs of stability when lifting heavy weights with the flexibility to absorbs shocks when gymming. It must also look into comfort and breathability aspect during long sessions of activity. The shoes should provide you the feel of the ground or surface you are standing on and also provide protection during workouts.

How to choose the right pair of shoes

Look for the shoe section where cross training shoes are stored. It is best to verify with the salesperson if the shoes indeed are CrossFit shoes and meet your needs of cross-training. For your first pair of shoes, it is better to visit the store and pick one, rather than buy online.

Each brand has different designs and models, and they offer various functions. It is essential to try several kinds of models and brands and choose the one that is best for you.

It is utmost necessary to test the fit of each type and brand of shoe. The heel should be secure and supported by the shoe. Check if the shoe fits your toes by wiggling it. There should be a thumbnail length of space between the top of the shoe and the toe.

Walk across the store room to see if you have any issues related to the fit of the shoe. Always wear the shoe with the sock on to get the perfect fit.

Ask yourself the following questions
Is it lightweight to perform the workouts of your choice?
Do your feet and toes feel comfortable?
Does your heel feel cushioned?
Do your feet feel stable, or do you feel the shoe slipping out of your foot.

If the responses to these questions are yes, then this is the shoe to go for apart from of course looking at the price factor.