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How People Deal With Whiplash

panel3Individuals do not address the underlying cause of the trouble and frequently cope with whiplash by treating the symptoms only. You may have known of a scenario that was similar to the subsequent. Someone is stopped at a stop sign and they are unexpectedly hit by a car from behind. The hit is not expected because the man didn’t see the other car. The individual feels a sudden jolt in their own neck and then the pain goes away. The man gets out of their car to check for damage but sees that there’s not much damage to either car. The man blows off the scenario believing it’s nothing.

whiplashclaim-01-300x300A couple hours after, the man has trouble turning their head when they may be doing a shoulder check to see if there’s oncoming traffic and discovers that their neck feels stiff. The man feels a sharp pain their head turns. The man wakes up worse than they did before. The man can barely turn the head in the slightest and has more stiffness in the neck. They’ve a serious headache that will not go away.The man determines to see with their family doctor to help with the issue. The physician prescribes pain medication and muscle relaxers. This helps with the pain a little, but the man continues to have issues and is worried they should do something different. The man learns from a buddy they should attempt seeing a chiropractor.

The man is surprised when they get to the chiropractor’s office. The chiropractic doctor looks quite knowledgeable about what’s happening. The physician takes Xrays and goes over them in detail with the individual. The chiropractor clarifies the rate of the force of the impact can go head and the back quicker than the muscles could tighten up to brace the impact. They learn there are misaligned spinal bones that are irritating nerves and tightening muscles up.The chiropractor performs unique hands on adjustments to the back to help remove the nerve interference and correct the misaligned bones. The chiropractor describes how to correctly ice to minimize inflammation and instructs special exercises and stretches to help. The individual feels notices and immediate development they can turn their head considerably better. They have the sharp pain they felt. They’re not unhappy that their buddy recommended a chiropractor.

The scenario described in this post represents many encounters that are actual every day that motorists have. Individuals that do not address the issue early on and just hide the symptoms with drugs regularly have long, drawn out issues that result in long-term pain and loss of work. Chiropractic is an effective treatment alternative that helps with the symptoms, but can efficiently correct the underlying cause of the trouble.