Belly Bands- To Keep You In Shape After A C-Section Delivery!

Belly Bands

Along with the concerns of healing from the surgery, physical appearance is another common concern in mothers after a C-section surgery. Making use of belly bands after a C-section helps a lot in the postpartum recovery period. If you are interested, just have a look at belly bandit reviews 2017. Using belly bands does not let you skip your exercises altogether. They should be continued alongside to avoid health complications.

If you are a new mother with concerns related to the shape of your belly, you would definitely like to know more. With inputs from the experts at, here is some useful information about belly bands!

History of belly bands
After a vaginal or C- Section delivery, it was a common practice in the history to bind the belly using a cloth. This practice is continued even now in some cultures, but it is not very common among Americans. Binding the belly is believed to help the flow of blood and fast healing during postpartum. So it is good to try out this technique rather than completely ignoring it.

Why go for a belly band?
Belly binding is practiced after C- Section delivery to avoid fat flaps getting developed around the scar that the surgery leaves on your belly. Binding the belly tightly helps the organs to return to their exact places thereby aiding the fast regaining of your pre pregnancy shape. The belly bands also strengthen the muscles of the abdomen that would have undergone slight wear and tear as a result of pregnancy.

The prime advantage is the flattening of the stomach. In addition to this, it enhances the comfort of the new moms by providing support while nursing the baby. Carrying the baby in a wrap or sling can also be done comfortably. The looseness of abdominal muscles may make it difficult while walking or leaning down to change diapers or to get the baby dressed up. Once you wear belly bands, you need not bother about the looseness as they keep your tummy tight and comfortable.

Points to consider
Though the benefits of belly bands are many, you must be careful about a few points before going for it. Make sure that the belly band does not cause infection on the surgical incision site. If such infections occur, it may interfere the overall healing process. So make sure that the incision is rightly healed. It is always good to consult with your physician before making a decision.

How to maximize the benefits?
The benefits of belly band can be enhanced by coupling it with moderate exercises. Again, you have to check with your physician whether your body is ready to start exercises or not. Once he/ she gives consent, you can practice mild exercises such as stretching, walking, etc. which would surely help in tightening up your abdominal muscles. Follow a healthy diet which would not lead to further fat build-up.

Keep these things in mind and choose a belly band that suits you the best! Use it and regain the shape of your tummy soon! All the best!

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